Fully automated tile line


ION Machines have begun the making of a new fully automated marble tile line. The line was conceptualised 18 months ago, and the R&D process has now been completed. The line involves several novel methods in the application of epoxy on tiles. The system also involves automatic one-arm robots such as KUKA, which loads the pre-sawn and pre-sized slabs onto the line. These slabs, then, dried, automatically epoxy applied and mesh placed, cured, automatically epoxy applied onto the front of the slabs, and cured for the second time for the front. These slabs then are taken directly the tile polishing line, which means that there is no delay or storage of the tiles, therefore line production is achieved. This line also allows for an automatic packing line to be added to the end of the line, making the entire production line automatic. The capacity of the line can be increased to 70m2/hour with only 5 workers, depending on the stone being processed. 

The system shows many novelties, some of which are:

1) The cycle time of the line 40 seconds. The line involves a special cyclic oven tower. In order to achieve this speed, a special working system has been invented, and this invention is patented (patent pending). 

2) A new type of unit has been made for automatic epoxy and mesh applications. 

3) The entire line is Industry 4.0 compatible. 

The first line is being installed in Ionic Stone's factory. Ozcinar Marble, one of the largest firms in Turkey in the field, has placed an order for this line. For more information, +90 258 814 5747 or

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