Slab handling robot without operator


Under normal circumstances, all automatic loading & unloading robots require teaching of how to handle slabs; in what position the slab should be taken from the gangsaw trolley and which platform it should be unloaded onto. The operator teaches the robot for the first slab, enters the number of slabs to be handled and the robot then begins operating automatically. If these slabs have cracks and areas of voids that lead to robot not being able to vacuum, then the operator intervenes in the process and shuts the valves that do not vacuum. Therefore, all automatic robots require operators' constant observation. 

Metamar, a firm based in Isparta and the largest stone processing factory in Turkey, applied ION Machines with this problem, and enquired if it could be solved. At the end of a 6-month R&D process, ION Machines successfully made and tested a robot that is completely autonomous and does not require any operator's intervention, other than pressing ON/OFF button. Metamar has now placed the second order for the robot. 

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