Completion of a new Resin Line in Amasya


ION Machines have recently installed a resinline with double oven towers in Amasya for Emmioglu Mermer, one of the leading marble excavation and processing firms of Turkey. This system processes 30 slabs/hour one side, or 15 slabs/hour two sides. In addition to various conveyors, lifts and a slab rotating unit, the systems includes the following machines: 

- AhtapotH automatic loading & unloading robot,

- Vatoz automatic unloading robot,

- 30+30 cyclic oven tower,

Slab storage unit. 

This system has a process cycle of 2 minutes, and is controlled with industrial computers instead of PLCs. Therefore, the system can provide real time information and reports. We thank Emmioglu Mermer for choosing ION Machines. 

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