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Who we are

ION Machines is a firm that is a part of Ionic Stone, which is a company based both in the UK and Turkey, where it has several quarries and a marble processing plant. In 2014, Ionic Stone founded an R&D department that was charged with the task of maintaining and improving the current machines, which had proved not to be exactly fit for purpose. In 2015, a company based in Burdur enquired if Ionic Stone could make a tunnel oven for resin application on Burdur Beige, which is an extremely delicate limestone. ION's story begins with this tunnel oven, which was fundamentally different to those in the market and turned out to be very successful. The department, which was named ION later, also made a world-patented epoxy dosage unit, which was again essentially different than those prevalent used in the sector, and made ION famous in Turkey. Today, ION has the only government-certified R&D department in its sector. 

ION has multiple world patents on some of its machines, all of which work in the resin field. In this context, ION's most significant competence compared to its rivals is that all the machines made by ION are first installed and tested in the factory of Ionic Stone, the parent company. Thus, ION has the ability to understand how its machines should work based upon the idea that they all need to be fit for purpose, effective and productive. In other words, ION is first a stone processor and then a machine firm so, it knows the requirements of stone factories better than anyone else. ION is one of the first cyclic resin lines producers in the world. However, even then its machines are distinctly more productive, more energy-efficient and easier to maintain.